Car Showing has a unique concept and approach to helping individuals and professionals sell their used vehicles through the Internet.

It was founded in 2002 and ran today by professional photographer, Frédéric Neema. Frédéric finds in CarShowing the perfect opportunity for him to invest in a combination of his three main interests: photography, cars and marketing. His past experience in photographing cars for advertising agencies and his technical knowledge of the Internet is a very valuable asset.

Our service is currently offered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can see Frédéric’s work as a photographer at

Car Showing is a division of Octamedia Productions


Here are some testimonials from our clients.

 "Frederic did a beautiful job for me and exceeded ALL of my of my expectations. Thank you CarShowing!"
Brent Z..
San Rafael, CA
 "CarShowing is a very efficient effective process for private sales of used car in mint condition. The photos are of the highest professional standard. The speed and quality of response are exceptional. The broad internet exposure superb. I sold my car in 48 hours during a massive wind and rain storm. What else can I say."
Gerald D.
San Rafael, CA
 "Thanks a lot Frederic, this has all been much more simple (& fast too!) than I thought"
Donna D.
Kentfield, CA
 "Another smooth transaction. From taking the initial pictures of the vehicle to the final sale it only took a few days. A great way to sell your car."
Fred J.
Oakland, CA
 "Your service, assistance, photography, knowledge and perspective on selling my Jaguar in a slow market provided a terrific profile online and in car publications. One call, one sale, and got what we wanted. People need to take Carshowing for a test drive, they'll like the performance."
Jeremiah T.
San Rafael, CA
 " I will be contacting you to purchase or sell another car. It's been a great experience on both ends. "
Janet S.
Lake Tahoe, CA
 "I would recommend using CarShowing to anyone trying to sell their car. It was an effective and useful service that enabled me to sell my car in a timely manner at a good price. Mr. Neema was especially helpful in handling inquiries and guiding me through my first experience selling my car. He answered my calls throughout the day and provided me expert advice and tools (research, documents, etc.) along the way. My many thanks to Mr. Neema and CarShowing. "
Troy L.
San Francisco, CA

 "This is a *great* service. The bang for your marketing buck is unsurpassed. I will use Carshowing in the future for whenever I want to sell a car for top dollar! Thanks!"
Stephen P.
Los Angeles, CA
 "Unbelievable service and professionalism. Without Frederic, I would not have sold my car as fast and certainly would not have got the price I did. I plan on using his service again for another two of my cars."
Marco G.
San Rafael, CA
 "Received plenty of inquiries from qualified buyers for my rare Porsche 914-6--and sold it to a real enthusiast."
Emile P.
Healdsberg, CA
 "If you are considering selling your car, I would highly recommend using Car Showing as a means to that end. The service provided and response from them was highly professional and I have no doubt that it had a lot to do with my selling my vehicle in very short order. ... I had been trying for several months to sell it on my own through several means without any luck and within a week and a half I had my Tahoe sold."
Ron P.
Tiburon, CA
 "The whole process from initial contact with Car Showing to sale of the car took less than one week. We were able to make 3x what a dealer offered us on the car for a very minimal investment of time and money. ..."
Stephen D.
Mill Valley, CA
 " I sold my car in about 10 days, which is remarkable - I'd highly recommend them."
Jim M.
Menlo Park, CA
 "WOW. In less than 12 hours Car Showing sold a very rare car for me and the total experience, from photo shoot to completing the transaction, was exceptional. They exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you, you're true professionals and a delight to work with!"
Kurt M.
Tiburon, CA

 "Car Showing makes the job of selling a car almost painless. ... Great service, I recommend Car Showing highly."
Shubha T.
Mountain View, CA
 " Car Showing provided me with perfect service to begin with.... I would recommend this to everyone."
Takeshi M.
Palo Alto, CA
 "I have now both bought & sold using Car Showing and it is a no-brainer investment in selling a vehicle. They take all the high-hassle tasks (digital photography, web posting, & inquiry management) and perform them in a professional & quality manner for a very fair price."
Tim B.
Los Gatos, CA
 "I have no doubt that the terrific pictures and wonderful website was what got my car sold so fast. I would recommend Car Showing to anyone looking to sell a used car."
Leah O.
San Francisco, CA
 "I could not have done it without your help. You have made the selling process so easy. Your phone and email responses were always prompt and courteous. I truly appreciate that. I have tried to sell my 2001 Volvo XC on my own for several months without any success. With Car Showing, I sold in it in 2 weeks. A small fee to pay and a great service, I would definitely recommend Car Showing to my family and all my friends. Thank you once again for an excellent job and a wonderful experience."
Paul C.
South San Francisco, CA
 "I think Car Showing is a great idea to begin with -- inexhaustive pictures from every conceivable angle makes the buying and selling process more easy, friendly and hassle free. Car Showing aided pictures increased the traffic that came to check out my BMW and resultingly increased the number of inquiries received. I sold my car in 2 weeks!!! Not only this, Car Showing also handled all the call volume and worked around my schedule -- now that's convenient and efficient! This unique trust based service makes Car Showing very customer-centric. My whole selling experience was great! I would recommend this to everyone."
Rohit S.
Mountain View, CA
 Great service! Tried selling the car myself for 3 months with no results but sold very quickly with Car Showing. Effortless for me with only serious buyers contacting me. I will definitely utilize Car Showing again for my next vehicle sale!"
Benny Y.
Cupertino, CA
  "It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and honesty really made the selling process easy."
Fred J.
San Francisco, CA
 "I have sold several of my cars through Car Showing. My Mercedes Benz ML 320 sold within 5 days after being posted. My Mazda Miata limited edition sold within 2 weeks, Aprilla RS50 motorcycle in 2 weeks and my Porsche Boxster sold within 1 month. Cheers!"
Gordon W.
Milpitas, CA

"Just wanted to say...this ad has some of the best photography I have ever seen on a car-for-sale. Congrats!"

Bob. J (via email)