Professional Photo Shoot

  • Full professional photo shoot – We will take as many pictures of your vehicle as necessary, inside and outside and build a professional online presentation.
    This photo presentation is the key element of our service and is a big contributor to our success in helping people sell their vehicles. Interested buyers love to see many photos of the vehicle before taking the time to see it in person. It saves both the buyer and seller a lot of time.

Standard Advertising Package –

  • Full professional photo shoot (see above for details)
  • Online presentation of your vehicle, including professionally written ad copy. 
  • “For Sale” sign that attracts potential buyers when driving your vehicle. The sign directs them to your presentation on our website.
  • Sales Sheet to give away to those who come to see your vehicle. This form will help them to remember it and re-contact you. It will also facilitate their request for a loan from their bank or credit union.
  • Sales Guide. It is a document written by us to explain some of the steps in the sale of a vehicle along with some tips that you might find useful.
  • Foms. All the necessary forms to finalize the sale of your vehicle.
  • Special Craigslist Code that we create for you so your online ad looks stunning and attracts serious potential buyers.
  • Your own special email to protect your identity. We give you a dedicated email address ( that will remain your own during the entire sale period. This email will be used in the ads and will allow you to remain anonymous when potential buyers contact you the first time. This email will be deleted once the vehicle is sold. 


The entire fee is due before the photo shoot. Payment can be made by cash, personal checks, money orders, Paypal transfer or major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel or postpone a photo shoot within 24 hours of the agreed date and time, you will be charged $100 to cover our first costs. We strongly suggest that you do not schedule a photo shoot before the car is ready.
In case of bad weather, we reserve the right to postpone the photo shoot. Of course, you will not be charged for this.