CarShowing: A Premier Automotive Photography Service

Through distinctive, high-quality photography, we help our clients successfully sell their vehicles by producing catalog-quality images. Our clients include private sellers and dealerships. We also offer consulting services to dealerships looking to improve the quality of their in-house photography or seeking expert guidance.

Our services are currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the vehicles we photographed 

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you know that high-quality photography is essential for a quick and successful transaction. We can help. With experience photographing over 14,000 vehicles, we have the expertise to make your vehicle stand out.

CarShowing was founded in 2002 and is currently run by professional photographer Frédéric Neema. His extensive experience photographing cars for advertising agencies, combined with his technical knowledge of the Internet, makes him a valuable asset.  

Our service is currently offered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Car Showing is a division of Octamedia Productions

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tel: 1-415-460 1007

Consignment Service

We partner with 415 Motorsports for those who need a complete consignment service without having to deal with any of the chores of selling their vehicle including photography, advertising, detailing, storage and dealing with the prospects.
415 Motorsport is highly reputable and experienced company with a lot of contacts in the high end car market.