– Is CarShowing a dealer?
No, CarShowing is not a dealership or an auto broker. Our business model is based on creating the advertising material for your car, not selling it on your behalf.

– How long does the photo shoot take?
Typically 30 to 60 minutes. We like to shoot the car with a nice background so we always choose a nice spot nearby.

– Do you retouch the pictures?
No, we never retouch the cars in the pictures. If there is a dent or a scratch, it will show in the photograph and we will make note of it in the ad. We base the success of our ads upon the sincerity of its content.

– Do you accept a car that was salvaged?
Unless it is a restored classic car, we do not accept to represent cars that were salvaged.

– Can I send you photos of my vehicle to use in the ads and on your web site?
Our concept is based on the quality of the photo presentation. We unfortunately cannot accept pictures of a lower standard or that do not match our digital workflow.

– What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, paypal transfer and major credit cards.

– Do you offer this service for motorcycles, RV’s, boats and airplanes?
Yes, we offer the same service for all types of vehicles. Please contact us for an estimate as a customized Harley-Davidson has different needs than a scooter. Boats and RVs have also their special needs, depending of the model and the customizing.

For Private Sellers:

– I’m concerned about having people show up at my home to see my vehicle. Do you have a solution?
When setting up an appointment with the interested buyer, you’re in control and can choose the location. You can set up a meeting in a public place close by to your home or workplace.

– Where do you advertise my vehicle?
In the standard fee, the advertising budget includes posting on  our website and craigslist.org, the best website to post a car for sale. We take care of renewing the ads as long as your car did not sell. Some websites like Craigslist need to be re-posted regularly .

– Can you put my car on eBay?
Yes, we can post your car on eBay. Some cars do better than others on eBay. We can help you determine if eBay is a good place to post your vehicle. If you wish to advertise on eBay, we will have to charge you for this.

– Where else can you post my car?
We can post your ad on autotrader.com, cars. com, etc… and some vehicle-specific web sites such as Rennlist.com for Porsches, Saabnet.com for Saab’s, Zcar.com for Datsun/Nissan Z cars, DupontRegistry.com for exotic cars, etc. Some web sites do not charge a listing fee while others do. Once we know more about your car, we will give you list of extra websites with the associated costs.

– Do you guarantee that my car will sell?
No. CarShowing is an advertising service. We expose your vehicle to the online world, but in the end, you decide the asking/ final price (which is the most important factor in selling a car), and make the sale. We cannot guarantee that your car will sell. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will do everything we can so you can sell your car as quickly as possible and at the best price possible. We know that a satisfied customer is a returning customer.

– Do you guarantee a number of responses?
CarShowing guarantees that your car will be exposed in the best way possible and probably better than the competition. If your car is over-priced or has a flaw which makes it less desirable than other similar vehicles, it may not receive as many responses as you’d like to see. Additionally, there is a greater demand for some models than others. For all of our clients, we study the market   of all comparable vehicles for sale on the market which helps us suggest a good and reasonable asking price.

– Is there a time limit on your service?
No. We will continue to advertise your vehicle for as long as your car is on sale unless you ask us to stop before. However, one thing to keep in mind is the time limit and costs for the advertising web sites. After the expiration of an ad on some websites, you may have to pay an additional fee to renew. We will let you know and you will decide.